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I Want To Take This To My Bedroom And Do Things To It.

Posted by idetest on July 9, 2011


It makes me thrash. In a good way.


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Mon dieu!

Posted by idetest on May 25, 2011

Hot French bitch is hot, French and the HBIC

Also, I too love to sit in the bath fully dressed and play badminton in my living room, don’t you?

And that hipsters are annoying in non-English speaking countries too.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: A film review.

Posted by idetest on August 28, 2010

Hola chicos

So last night I braved the cold and the wind, despite my SARS-like symptoms (a bit of a sniffle) and went to go and see Scott Pilgrim v.s The world.

First up, who knew it was set in Canada? I thought Toronto just stood in for most major American cities – I didn’t realise it now had movies made there that were actually set there. So for that, big ups Toronto- it’s almost like you’re an actual place now.*

Second of all: I must admit that a) I have been in love with Chris Evans since the scene with the banana and the whipped cream in Not Another Teen Movie, and b) I have been in love with Brandon Routh since I heard he had to have his package digitally shrunk in post production in the Superman movie because he was too…super manly. So basically I couldn’t care less about Michael Cera.


I just don't see the attraction. Where's his stubble? Where's his CGI re-sized groin?

However, did actually love this movie: It was witty and ironic without being as annoyingly fake as Juno (things in common: makes North America look unbearably cold)  and I loved the fact that everyone lived in shitty apartments and just sat around not doing much; and if they had jobs, they were pretty shitty jobs. It was almost like it was based on something realistic instead of being a manufactured plot by some Hollywood studio that thinks everyone in their early twenties works at Magazines and Record Labels and we all live in Monica from Friends type apartments…

Howevers, bad points: girls who change their hair a lot are usually just odd, socially awkward and trying too hard. They fall into the same category as people who play Dungeons and Dragons and grown men who wear Matrix style long jackets. i.e. they are unrepentant un-embarrassable geeks who have B.O. issues and a collection of figurines stashed in their childhood bedrooms which their mother cries over saying “I’ll never have grandchildren and it’s all your fault! Damn you Star Wars!”

Also roller blade shoes? Oy vey you can so tell the graphic novel was from 2004 (yeah I wiki’ed it).

Other than these things the plot does go quite well: it takes a while for him to actually start battling the seven exes but you do enjoy the build up as we get to know all the characters. The actual battle scenes are confusing and fast and don’t necessarily make a lot of sense but y’know whatevs.

A few other things:

1) Love the gay roommate. Although I love the blonde guy he seduced more. Also Stephen from the band becomes gay in the books but not in the movie (wiki knows all). Which is a pity.

2) I love hyperactive Asian indie chicks. It was like having Lane from Gilmore Girls back. Judge me, I don’t care.

3) Scott’s ex girlfriend’s band’s song was v. v. catchy. I say they release it. I’d buy it. Well okay, I’d download it (illegally), but whatever.

4) Poor Anna Kendrick: first she gets nominated for an Oscar or something for that movie she did with George “not gay just haven’t met the right lady yet” Clooney and then she gets to do fun stuff like this, and now she has to go back and do Breaking Dawn. God, I hope those Twilight kids get paid well.

So yes, in conclusion: A fun, zippy movie you should all go see.

* Obviously I’m ignoring the brilliance that is Degrassi. Oh, Degrassi how I love thee, let me count the ways.

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Things I don’t hate and secretly want to lick

Posted by idetest on June 3, 2010

Because I’m not always bitter and hateful. Most of the time. But occasionally I open up and run through the fields.

1)      Alcohol. God’s gift for us for good behaviour. Or because he was bored. Either way the best times of my life have been the ones that proceeded the nights I spent with my head in a toilet bowl.

2)      Illegal narcotics.

3)      Glee. So gay. So fun. They sing, they dance, they prance, they emote while hitting the high notes, they quip funny one liners, they mock small town America, and they do Lady Gaga inspired episodes. They complete me.

4)      Summer weather; pre sunburn and post awkward barbecues that no one really enjoys because no one really likes charcoaled meat that isn’t cooked on the inside.

5)      Pretentious indie pop

6)      Big coats in wintertime

7)      The love of a good woman

8)      Being on one’s high horse. Particularly enjoyable about topics such as Starbucks and other chain coffee shops vs. Independents, Cities with public transport systems vs. Cities without them.

9)      Obamarama. Look at him…just look at him. I would tap that. And then I’d go shopping with Michelle. Call me.

10)   European soap operas; it’s like the 80’s never ended. The French are so severe and lusty; the Germans so camp and have so much back lighting, the Spanish are all about Social Realism (the ethnic minority free version interestingly). And the British? Dear Lord in heaven they have everything.

11)   That the fat kid from Stand by me (stand? Lean? It was one of the two) is now married to a supermodel. Good on him.

12)   Roger the Alien from American Dad.

13)   The anecdotes my parents shared with me about their youth.

14)   Fox News. It’s just makes me giddy to be in the enemy’s heart. And then I realise I’m giving them rating and I vomit a little in my mouth.

15)   A well timed eating disorder joke.

16)   The TV show Being Human. A gay Jew? A sassy black girl in fabulous outfits? An Irish vampire who gets naked? It’s like it was made just for me.

17)   Elections. They just fascinate me.

18)   Lindsay Lohan saying she has ‘allergies’.

19)   Having to ask people what you did last night.

20)   Jennifer Aniston’s continual post divorce sob story. Milk that shit for every penny girl.

21)   Jokes and references that are too clever/obscure for other people to get. (You know what they say about Enver Hoxha? He’s no King Zog)

22)   Wifebeaters. They just make an outfit in Summertime.

23)   Political anarchy and terrible social upheaval in supposedly western/developed nations.

24)   The island nation of Madagascar. What’s it doing? No one really knows. But it’s fabulous.

25)   Conservative politicians being outed by tell-all rent boys.

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