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Just Sayin…

Posted by idetest on June 5, 2011


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Fantabulous: An unbiased movie review of Easy A

Posted by idetest on October 28, 2010

Slut. In the best possible way.

Hello chicos and all the transgendered possums who love them.

Okay, a few things In order to prepare you for the lovefest you are about to read:

1) I’ve made my love for this movie and Amanda Bynes clear in the past so deal.

2) It’s the school holidays here so obviously I had to deal with actual real live teenagers in the cinema as opposed to fake ones on-screen. Ew. Also I don’t think teenagers were getting many of the jokes.

But onwards and upwards.

Here is a quick rundown of the plot: Ginger stunner (hah!) Olive lives in her affluent suburban SoCal world with her parents and her adopted Afro-American brother (See, Angela Merkel multiculturalism does work you uptight right-wing bitch) and gossips with her slutty best friend. She makes up a lie she shagged some bloke and before you know it everyone, including Amanda Bynes (is that a halo I see?) and Phoebe from Friends is out for her blood.

Points of interest:

1) Very smart, ironic and meta humour. Referential to the teen genre. If you liked Mean Girls then you’ll love this. Also if you loved Mean Girls we should totes hang out. Call me.

2) Penn Badgely looks hot shirtless even when painted blue. This is good.

3) Amanda Bynes. Why aren’t you real life BFFs with Snooki and Lindsay? Oh, right, that’s why: because I’d die.

4) Hating on Christians and referring to them as Jesus Freaks and treating their faith as a disease? A-OK with me. As you were.

5) An honest look at America’s puritanical attitude to sex and how this works with its over-sexed money driven culture that revels in its own scandalousness? Yes, please.

6) American teenagers knowing what the word ‘twat’ means? I love you.

7) The gay guy goes all ‘It gets better’ on her to get her to shag ‘im? Ugh. Fair but not exactly original.

8  ) Did I mention that I had to go see this in a movie theatre packed with teenagers who I think were struggling with the jokes? I was the only person in the whole audience who laughed at a Judy Blume joke. I swear to god. Also I don’t think they got the references to Gone with the Wind and most seemed generally confused with her love of ’80s movies and John Hughes. Oy vey. What are they teaching in school these days? Is it seriously all Miley Cyrus and Twilight? Is nothing else getting through?

9)  Mark Twain references as well. And mocking of Demi Moore. It just gets better. This is a movie that knows it’s shit.

10) Watch it, love it, buy it on DVD and festoon yourself with Scarlet A’s. I know I will.

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I wish this was my life

Posted by idetest on September 29, 2010

What is this I see? Dan Humphreys escape Brooklyn and his father’s waffles? Emma stone being babalicious (I’m sorry, that word will NEVER appear again) Lisa Kudrow being…Lisa Kudrow, and AMANDA BYNES!???

Amanda Bynes…how I love thee. Let me count the ways. She’s my 3rd favourite Young Hollywood diva after Lindsay (bow you peasants!) and Taylor Lautner (guuuuurl). Special mentions to Britney obviously. And Snooki.

I’ve loved Amanda ever since she got her own comedy show on Nickelodeon which included a recurring skit where she would be on the balcony of her hick Appalachian home and decry to her buck toothed brother/husband that she was “going to hit you in the face with a [insert new object every week here]”. And one week, no word of a fucking lie, it was …(breathe)…a beaver. It was glorious. Amazing. And yes, actually quite life-changing.

And now here she is the main character (at least in the version I’ll be watching) in a movie about America’s national pastime: the sexy times and being ashamed of it. Best yet, she’s a Christian. Bless, this could be the best Christian movie since Saved (“The muffin shop is closed!”)

This movie is going to be amazing.

I wonder if there’ll be a scene where Amanda retires from Christianity via twitter and then unretires a week later. Please, Jesus?

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