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Dearest Bloggie

Posted by idetest on April 20, 2011

Today is yo’ lucky day. I’m giving you videos. Watch. Laugh. Cry. Press replay.

And in proto-femisnism news:

Don’t say I never do anything for you.

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Real Housewives of The Service Industry

Posted by idetest on April 20, 2011

I went to my work party last night.

The theme was ‘retro glamour’

I ended up looking like a gay pirate who was going to boarding school.

And was dismayed to find out it was actually nothing more than a heterosexual breeding experiment in an overpriced basement bar.

Also, my friend got cheated on by a Hungarian barman and I saw someone getting a handjob on the dance floor.

Like the countess says, money can most definitely not buy you class.

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Summertime, When The Weather Is Fine…

Posted by idetest on April 16, 2011

I’m not saying where I live is vastly superior to the country bumpkin-ass hole you reside in… but does your local park have an 18th century stately home in the middle of it that was built by the Rothschilds?

No, didn’t think so.

Au reservoir.

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Australia Gets Owned: Tommorow, When The War Began – A Movie Review (Mate)

Posted by idetest on April 13, 2011


G’day cobba, sheilas and all my little possums from down on the farm.

Yes, children, once again I left the house so you don’t have to.


Let us discuss the latest masterpiece of the much derided genre of ‘teenagers doing things they can’t in real life’. And this addition’s quite substantial.

First off a disclaimer: I have read all seven of the books. And no, I’m no ashamed

Some points.

1) The girl from Neighbours has a strange accent but manages to carry the film quite nicely

2) Pity the same can’t be said for several of her castmates who lack …how shall we say? Any acting talent

3) The guy from Home and Away. Yeah he’s not all that much face wise but once he gets his shirt off it’s a whole other ball game.

4) The CGI and special effects: surprisingly good for a fairly low-budget film.

5) Unfortunately many of the jokes, themes and other recurring instances of what it’s like to be an Australian teenager didn’t carry over too well. It just mostly cluttered up the action scenes with unnecessary dialogue that didn’t really go anywhere and wasn’t especially amusing.

6) They’ve already announced films two and three.

Also I’m glad they actually made the enemy Asian rather than leaving it non-descript as it would have become a bit “Eh?” if so and also one does like that it was updated with everyone checking their cell phones every five minutes and using skype. Also I was glad they got rid of all the endless reminiscing. so much reminiscing in that book. Most of it to do with girls doing dodgy thing with their underwear and a slightly creepy overtone of a middle-aged man writing stories about teenage girls getting their periods.


Few things that did rankle me though: I don’t remember several of the characters being as annoying as they were in the book (I mean the female ones; particularly the Christian girl who I recall was more hands on.) but what can you do? Any adaptation is bound to be rife with changes. They can’t please everyone.


All in all it’s far from perfect but it is tense and does have some good car chases and action scenes. And, I have to admit…Austrlaia does look nice.

It’s still a shit hole though.


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The Gays Be Doing Their Thang

Posted by idetest on April 4, 2011

So I’ve had this conversation many a time.


The dark-haired guy is kinda cute in a white trash goes prep via a meth addiction kinda way. Which is very in right now. But alas his bottom teeth look a little funky. And as he is not physically perfect in every way he is dead to me.

Also-man bags FTW!

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