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Posted by idetest on November 14, 2010

This video encourages me to make my Sims more slutty. Which I suppose is a more unhealthy version of a soap opera. With dollhouse elements. Whatever. You’re not the boss of me. I can spend my days doing what I want (I’m so alone.).


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And now for some lo-fi lesbians

Posted by idetest on November 3, 2010

There is a tube strike.

I have a cold.

I have work later (ew).

Here are Tegan and Sara with a beautiful, depressing song.

I have been playing this on repeat for two days. Still not sick of it.

Howevs. Some thoughts.

1) Lesbian identical twins?

2) From Canada?

3) From Calgary in Canada? Who knew there were even women there? I thought frontier towns were all about sodomy and roughhousing. Who knew the prairies were so advanced?

4) Ew. Canada. What’s that about you hypocritical, ultra nationalistic, schizophrenic, seal cub hating, are-we-French?-No-were-just-America-but-colder fat bastards?

5) Stop thinking you’re so cool with your socialised healthcare you smug fucks. Other, poorer countries manage it so stop being so proud of yourself. Also, what’s with ice hockey? Eh?

6) And also speaking of ‘eh’. It’s not just a Canadian word. Other English-speaking countries use it as well. Just as small-minded and inward looking as Americans. Except with an annoying inferiority complex and a desperate need to be liked.

7) Anyway, the song is nice.

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It is darkest before the dawn…and all that shit.

Posted by idetest on November 3, 2010


Sarah Palin continues her upward momentum to take over the world and kill us all because American Liberals were too ‘meh’ to get off their hypocritical fat arses and go vote. Screw you guys and your damn economy. If it wasn’t for that we could ignore you like we do every other country with puritanical mindsets and a quasi fundamentalist government.

However, in happier news: Brazil elected its first female el presidente (is it the same in Portuguese? They’re basically the same language right?). And lo and behold she’s a former Marxist Rebel! And was an unwed mother! Oh, blessed be she is going to Rip. Shit. Up.

Speaking of socialists with an agenda (Aren’t I always?) here’s a clip of the wonderful UK comedian/tv presenter and sometime drag queen Paul O’Grady giving an impassioned speech on the state of the UK.

(I apologise for the weird cuts to Parliament. I have no idea if that was in the actual broadcast or if the youtuber put them in.)

I love this man. He also rules because he calls out the gays on their stupidity regarding safe sex and HIV. And as you know my thoughts on ‘stupid gays’ are of a negative persuasion (USE A FUCKING CONDOM WHEN YOU’RE FUCKING FUCKING, YOU MORONS!).

And speaking of the gays- I am not even going to comment on Stephen Fry and his latest shenanigans. Mostly because I don’t like Stephen Fry and am glad he’s finally going to get told.  However I may give him snaps cos…

This is basically my version of the Bible

Also, no gay men, you do not get to comment on women’s sex lives. Just like as a man in general we should always hold our tongues about abortions. Well kinda…y’know it’s best not to generalise on that specific subject but you get where I was going right?

Anyway, ta ta. And God Speed.

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